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Beijing travel information and China travel guide: in this pages you can find any travel solution that you need, you can book any type of hotels in all cities of China, itineraries through the most charming sites of China, vacation and tours in Peking, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xianh.

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China's rich tourism resources, with magnificent mountain rivers, rich and colorful customs, unique flora and fauna and countless monuments, plus the unique Chinese opera, music, dance and world-renowned cuisine, attracting a large number of annual Domestic and foreign tourists. At present, China has become the world's largest, fastest growth, the strongest potential of the tourism market.

According to the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) to preliminary estimation, China's tourism and travel industry in the next decade is expected to realize an annual growth rate of 10.4 percent, China will become the world's fourth largest tourism economy. According to the World Tourism Organization predicted that by 2020 China will become the world's number one tourist destination and fourth largest exporter of tourists.
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  • China's civil aviation, railway, river and marine passenger transport, road transport rapid development in China for overseas tourists and tourism in China to provide guarantee and facilitate the traffic. To meet the needs of tourists at different levels, the new construction, renovation and expansion of a large number of guest houses, hotels, a total of 8,880 star hotels. Among major cities and tourist attractions are well-equipped, courteous service the hotel reception domestic and foreign tourists.

    China now has 1,349 international travel agencies, only Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing municipalities have four 248. June 12, 2003, the National Tourism Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "establishment of foreign holding, foreign-owned travel agencies temporary regulations." July 18, the National Tourism Board approved JAL International Travel Service (China) Co., Ltd. as the first wholly foreign-owned travel agencies to enter the Chinese market, the major business of Japanese tourists inbound tourism companies have opened in Beijing. December 1, from China's first foreign holding tourism enterprises in TUI China Travel Co. Ltd. was officially established in Beijing, the company is holding the MB China Investment Co. Ltd. and Europe's biggest tourism group TUI, the Chinese enterprises to cooperate with More than 300 local Chinese travel agency sales network composed of the China Travel Service Head Office.

    In order to be rich in tourism resources better introduced to the domestic and foreign tourists, since 1992, launched the annual National Tourism Administration of Tourism different themes, each theme will focus on a tourist attractions. 1992 theme of the first activities were identified as a "friendship tour", since there are "mountains and rivers scenery You," "heritage Tour", "Folk Customs Tour", "vacation leisure travel," and "ecological environment Tour"; 2000-2003 are the subject of tourism, "China Century Tour", "Chinese Sports Tour", "Chinese Folk Art Tour" and "Kingdom of outbound Chinese cooking."

    Chinese civilization of 5,000 years of historical tradition, developed its own unique way of life, eating habits and civil practices. Colorful, full of characteristics of the Chinese people's life has become an important component of Chinese culture part, but also constitutes a very humanistic value of tourism resources. In 2004 the theme of tourism were identified as "Chinese people's life Tour", the purpose is to allow overseas tourists in-depth China's social reality, personal experience of the Chinese people's life and the meaning of Chinese culture, the warm feelings of the Chinese people's longing for peace and friendship and Blessing


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