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Wuhan Wuhan Hongshan pagoda

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Wuhan Hongshan pagoda

Hongshan pagoda in the southern slope of the Wuchang Hongshan, Bao Tong Temple of the north-east. To commemorate the spirit of Keats and forbearance master construction, also known as Ling Ji tower.

Usually temples and towers built with the tower in the West, to take the Buddha Zuxi meaning. The Hongshan an anti-conventional, is in the Temple Tower in East West. The cause of the violation of the phenomenon of routine, repeated destruction of the temple is not enough to build the site and west of the reason. Hongshan pagoda built in the Yuan Dynasty, took 11 hours. Shaft for the brick vault, Fangmu structure, 1.80 7, 44.3 meters high, 37.3 meters to the basement. Shaft in the air, there are windows on each floor multi-faceted, from the bottom to the top-level may be a rotating board. High-level board, Wuhansanzhen panoramic view. Wen and Bi top of a peak or Copper Tasha, weight 6.5 tons to the spectacular tower Weiwei, and integrated into the temple, the Buddhist temple Zenghui.

Wuhan Hotels

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 ♦ Wuhan Yangtse River Tomolo Hotel (Wuzhan Branch)45USD
 ♦ Wuhan Marshal Palace Hotel40USD
 ♦ Marshal Palace Hotel ,Wuhan34USD

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